Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ITC to investigate Nvidia - Samsung infringement case

Most of us thought the patent wars were over , but apparently Samsung has been taken to court once again over a infringement case which is filed by Nvidia this time . The ITC (U.S  International Trade commission)  , which governs and investigates such incidents is now probing the accusations set on the smartphone giant Samsung . Nvidia , which holds many patents in chip designing took on Samsung and it hopes to block many flagship products from entering the U.S market . The list of devices set to be included in the possible ban include - Samsung Galaxy S5 , S4 , Tab S , Tab 2 , Note 3 , Note 4 , Note Pro and Note Edge devices which run Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors and Samsung's own Exynos processors . Samsung's products which use the Snspdragon processors work along side the Adreno GPU system and the new Exynos processors use ARM designed Mali system which are both competitors of Nvidia's mobile GPU technology . Nvidia , which announced that "We are pleased with the ITC decision today to open an investigation and look forward to presenting our case on how NVIDIA GPU patents are being used without a license," hopes that the ITC investigation and the Delaware District court lawsuit filed earlier will provide them compensation for violating the said patents .Although the said processors from Qualcomm are used in dozens of brands other than Samsung , the sheer size of the company has made it a good starter for such lawsuits , The company during its quick rise to popularity went against Nokia , LG ,Microsoft and its arch enemy Apple , the recent accusations , if they go in favor of Nvidia might spell bad news for the company which already lost profit this quarter .

Source - TechSpot photos - OnRPG

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