Friday, October 10, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Mercedes AMG GT will stick around far longer than its former SLS sibling

Many of us cried when we heard that the SLS AMG was going to be axed , but as it turns out ,the folks running the show in Germany decided that killing off a V8 GT car it wasn't such a good idea so now they are revising their plan with the new Mercedes AMG GT , the spin off model , developed a - la AMG , is said to be Mercedes' answer to the ever present danger from neighborly rivals like Porsche is said to keep the AMG GT platform alive for more 7 years with many spin off's of the version coming soon . The AMG GT ,which looks like a car that was deigned after a SLR and a SLS mating program is said to pack a decent 456Bhp  and the AMG GTS version will have 503Bhp thanks to a Twin Turbo V8 that is now downsized to 4.0 Liters from the 6.3 in the old SLS . Both models will feature a 7 speed dual clutch transmission  and a lower mounted engine and better weight distribution. The AMG GT is said to cost much lower than the older SLS version which started out at $220K , The new AMG GT has a starting price of $146,000 which means that its going to be heading right into Porsche's 911 ballpark .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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