Thursday, October 30, 2014

Microsoft's new wearable costs $199 and works with all 3 major smartphone platforms

 The wearable market - which includes stuff like Smartwatches , smartbands and fitness accessories are gaining a ton of interest and popularity these days ,.Upto now , Microsoft lacked a proper wearable device for its Windows smartphones , Android and Apple devices have tons of fitness wearable s and they have their own smartwatch platforms so it was time Microsoft had one of its own for Lumia devices . Presenting the new Microsoft Band - this cuff like accessory is priced at $199 and it has 10 sensors to collect fitness data .The Band , which works with Lumia devices (mostly) is also said to work with Apple and Android hadsets after you install its app , the sensor data captured by the device includes UV ,heart rate (BPM) and Stress level data along with GPS information thanks to its built in GPS module , the band can work without a phone and due to its integration with cloud data it can act as a independent unit if you are on the go .The band has Cortana , which can take notes and other information and it only works with Windows Phone 8.1 handsets  .The Band , which uses Microsofts new Microsoft Health SDK , which means other makers like JawBone ,RunKeeper MapMyFittness will join in with their own products in the future. (see specs below)

Display - 1.4" 310x102p resolution TFT display

OS -  Microsoft Health SDK , works mostly with Windows Phone 8.1 devices , fittness features work with Android and Apple handsets (iOS 7 and above ) (Android 4.3/4.4 and above)

Design - Fitness Wearable - thermoplastic design , adjustable clamp   , splash resistant coating ,11mm x 33mm ,

Connectivity - Bluetooth 4.0 LE ,Magnetic connection for USB ,Cloud data sync for medical data and notifications + Cortana  (Facebook ,text,call,twitter notification support available by default) 

Sensors - Optical heart rate sensor ,3-axis accelerometer/gyro,Gyrometer,GPS,Ambient light sensor,Skin temperature sensor,UV sensor,Capacitive sensor,Galvanic skin response,Microphone ,vibration motor 

Processor - unnknown

GPU - unknown

Ram - unknown

Storage - unknown

Camera(s) - none

Battery - 100mAh non removable (48 hours rated) 

Other - 

Price - $199 

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - GSMArena

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