Friday, October 24, 2014

Oppo to launch two smartphones on the 29th of October

Oppo N3 with a plain and simple finish 
Oppo's N3 is probably one of the worst kept secrets of all time , the phone's design , camera and basically the entire spec sheet is already leaked out by now , but the biggest mystery was its launch date , and now Oppo has finally made the launch date official , and to celebrate it , they released this teaser photo showing not one , but two smartphones on stage .

Oppo with a better finish and a swivel head 
According to many inside sources , the two smartphones are both Oppo N3's the major difference between the two is their design philosophy , the first Oppo N3 has a more luxurious feel and a swivel camera head  and the second one has a more traditional Oppo look . Both phones were leaked and if you compare the photos to the ones behind the stage the leaked photos will surely look very legitimate indeed .

A recap on the Oppo N3's specs shows us that this is going to be the company's new flagship , the phone , or let say phones - have a Snapdragon 805 processor , 3GB of RAM ,16MP  1/2-3  rear sensorwith Dual Flash and a clever swing hinge ( in the more premium Oppo N3- that allows the camera module to be rotated 360 degrees ) and a 5.9" 1080p display with a unibody design that is made out of lithium-aluminium composites .The phone will be launched on the 29th and it will ship for a estimated price of $700 (Off contract)

Source - GSMArena

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