Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Samsung Gear S gets Opera mini as its first 3rd party browser

Most of us who bought or hope to buy a smartwatch consider the wrist wearables to be accessories to our smartphones which cancel the need for us to  pull our smartphones everytime someone sends a text or notification while on the go .Although smartwatches are "smart" considering that they can control the tethered smartphone via bluetooth , none of the current crop of smartwatches are smart enough to beat Samsungs phone-on-a-wrist smartwatch - aka Samsung Gear S .The gear s has all the basic "phone" features and it even has its own appstore a-la Tizen . With basic features such as phone , messaging and now even a 3rd party browser via Opera Mini makes the watch a all in one micro-smartphone . The Opera Mini browser - or should we call it "Opera Micro"  is said to be optimized to finger presses on the 2" display . The Opera browser has some features such as speed dial that can save most visited pages , the app is available on the Gear App Store which promises 1000 smartwach apps for Tizen based smartwatches. The Gear S , which was unveiled back in August is so far the largest smartwatch Samsung makes , the 2" Amoled display and the typical Samsung smartphone design is not everyone's cup of tea, but the watch does offer 3G via its own Sim slot and basic smartphone features so you can leave your phone at home and pretend you are calling K.I.T.T because the Gear S  does  supports voice calling .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - AndroidHeadlines

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