Friday, November 7, 2014

Hide yo iPhones , Hide yo Mac's , Wirelurker infects iOS and OSX devices (in China)

In the good old days of tech , Macs were considered to be safe and "Virus free" , but now in the age of  large scale spying and eavesdropping and cloud storage violations , that term might just be a thing of a past ,and the latest "WireLurker" malware might be Apple's worst nightmare yet .

Wirelurker - a Chinese iOS and OSX based virus is probably a first of its kind Trojan horse program that can attach and replicate its malicious code through apps , 467 apps ,which have been downloaded from third party app stores in China ( Maiyadi appstore) over 350,000 times has started the inditial crisis , Wirelurker also has a backup method of infecting and this is done through USB connections , the host device , which is already compromised with the virus can transmit Wirelurker when a iOS device like a iPhone or iPad is connected to sync or even charge .Apple recommends users not to use 3rd party USB connectors or unrecognized computers as a precautionary measure.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Engadget

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