Monday, November 24, 2014

Jolla tablet goes beyond $1 million mark , drops price of their smartphone by 100 Euros

Jolla had a tough time selling the Jolla smartphone that ran its own Custom Sailfigh OS. The phone , designed up by ex- Nokia employees and former developers from its Meego division produced a great and unique device with a few logistics and pricing problems that ultimately sealed its fate . Now the company is back and this time they are introducing a tablet that runs a improved Sailfish OS with better Android app compatibility. The new tablet is set up as a crowd funded project aimed at earning $380,000 by December , but as of now the company has reached well over $1 million in a awesome two days . The company originally planned to sell the tablet at $189 for the first 2000 backers and $199 for the next 2000 backers , but now the company has 7370 indigogo backers who donated well over the company's target price for a device , which the company expects to sell well. To celebrate the 1 million dollar mark , the company dropped EUR100 off its Jolla smartphone , which now sells for about EUR 249 .

Jolla Tablet Specs

Display - 7.85" 2048x1536p resolution IPS display , 330ppi

OS - Sailfish OS

Design -Unibody tablet , 203mm x137mm x 8.3mm (HeightxWidthxThickness), 384g

Connectivity - WIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band, Bluetooth 4.0 MicroUSB 2.0 ,GPS + GLONASS

Processor - Intel 1.8 Ghz Quadcore Atom

GPU - PowerVr 6 Rogue

Ram - 2GB

Storage - 32GB Onboard +MicroSD expansion

Camera(s) - 5MP rear camera ,no rear flash, HDR 1080p@30fps recording
- 2MP front camera

Battery -4300Ah non removable

Other - Gesture control ui , Available at special price for backers .The Jolla Tablet is currently available in the following countries and regions in this campaign: USA, EU, Norway, Switzerland, India, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia and Canada .

Price - $189-$199-$209 and beyond +$20 shipping

Source - NDTV

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