Wednesday, November 12, 2014

LG G watch gets 50% off in India

LG's G watch is probably one of the most desired legacy Android wear watches in the market right now ,although its not appealing as the Moto 360 or a G watch R , the normal G watch is probably a good option if you are on the hunt for a affordable Android wear device . The G watch is sold globally at about $150 right now , but in other countries , taxes propel the cost to a even higher amount and in this case the G watch is priced at INR 15,000 which is about $245 , but Flipkart , a Indian online retailer has slashed the price to $122 ( INR 7500 which is a 50% drop from the original price , and this is a even lower price than the international list price in Amazon and some Ebay deals , so if you are in India , you can get it now for this bargain price , and if you live elsewhere , better hold up for the great Black friday deals that are happening now .

(Price has dropped to INR 6499 now )
Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Gizmobic

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