Saturday, November 15, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Lotus Evora to get more power ,less weight and more safety features in its 2016 model refresh

With tightening safety regulations and market availability issues (in the U.S)  many thought the Lotus Evora was basically a dead duck after the company failed to introduce a new 2015 model , but now the company is hoping to introduce a upgraded Evora at the 2015 Geneva motor show which is said to bring some of the biggest upgrades since its introduction 4 years ago .

The new Evora will remain a 2+2 coupe and minor styling additions are said to be added to the body to make it more appealing and a 15% weight reduction which means the engine power to weight to ratio will be better , that being said the new car will likely have a more powerful Toyota sourced V6 with more power than the older engine that produced 276 Bhp .  The car is also said to feature new safety standards which will satisfy U.S road safety rules and allow Lotus to have a "road legal" car other than the track versions of the Elise and Exige .The 2014 model was given a 12 month notice in order for Lotus to equip it with new airbags ,but with the lack of a 2015 model , its evident that Lotus skipped it in order to make the 2016 model much better . 

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - DigitalTrends

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