Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Russia might ban iPhone and iPads from 1st of January 2015

According to a new Report from Russia , Apple mobile devices -namely the iPhone series and iPad tablets are said to be be banned from sale starting from 1st of January ,2015 . The move ,according to sources is said to be the result of a new legislation that dictates that all online services should keep localized data in Russia , currently , Apple's iCloud service has servers based in the U.S and so Russia is doubtful and concerned about data stored beyond its borders .One solution to overcome a ban will be for Apple to open a dedicated Server site in Russian soil catering its citizens ,and if the law goes into effect , users currently owning iDevices will be shut out from accessing iCloud due to ISP banning but so far Apple has kept silent on the issue .

Source - Ubergizmo

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