Wednesday, December 24, 2014

HTC M9 - Hima details leak

HTC has cemented its reputation with the One Series of smartphones , the One M8 was one of HTC's
best phones yet but with another year over , the Taiwanese manufacturer is working on its successor - The HTC M9 aka "Hima" . So far , details about the phone indicate that the camera modules on the upcoming phone will definitely get a upgrade as the standard 4mp ultra pixel units are no longer attractive in the high megapixel wars .According to rumors , the next phone will get a 13 mp duo camera set up or a single 20.7mp rear camera flanked by a 5 or 8mp front camera with a wide angle lens . The processor on the phone is said to be the next gen Snapdragon 810  which uses a 8 core configuration which 4 A57 cores and 4 A53 cortex cores with a clock speed of 2 Ghz for the A57 cores and 1.5Ghz for the A53 cores . The phone will have HTC's signature aluminuim unibody with black , silver , gold and Gunmetal gold as color options with a shell that measures about 144.3 x 69.4 x 9.56 mm which is close to the original HTC M8 . The phone's display is said to be of the same display size as the M8 , but the resolution will surely make a jump to 2k(QHD) as most rivals have already tested that barrier this year . The phone is also said to include more ram - 3-4GB of it and more onboard storage + microSD card support which will now be used to store apps as well as content thanks to Android 5.0 which is said to ship with the device . The phone will be launched with a 2840 mAh battery which is still a long way off from most other rival designs but HTC will figure out the power management perks with the next version of HTC sense , overall the rumor sheet looks decent , but we will have to wait a few more months to see "leaked images" of the phone as the device is scheduled for a timeframe of about March or April of next year .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - GSMArena

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