Thursday, December 25, 2014

LG G3 burns through mattress , battery burnt beyond recognition

LG's G3 was probably one of the best smartphones of 2014 . The phone packed decent specs , a beautiful ui and a large battery which in this case burnt a large hole through a mattress while the phone was charging . The device , used by a Reddit OP's sister apparently burst into flames causing its owner to run down in terror , members of the household managed to put out the fire with a extinguisher (which is the proper way to deal with Lithium based fires fyi) and still the heat managed to melt through the mattress which then had to be thrown out of the window .The phone - as shown in these pictures shows a charcoal-ed battery and a G3 which has gone kaput from the rear panel .The family has started to circulate news of the issue through social media in order to get help from LG or other parties that can help them with the matter . According to OP's Reddit post , the phone's battery wasn't replaced with a 3rd party unit and the phone wasn't covered by a pillow and it was just put to charge on her sisters bed , the phone later melted away but thankfully no one was hurt in the incident . Mobile phone battery explosions are generally rare but they tend to target users who swap original accessories with 3rd party ones , but sometimes a freak incident (like a power overload, poor quality control)  or some un-announced factor may have contributed to this incident.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Reddit/Android , Photos - imgur

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