Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sony may be working on a Xperia z4 13" mega -tablet

Sony had a tough time with tablets . The company's Xperia Tablet lineup started way back in 2011 with the Tablet S and the Tablet P which sold only to a handful of customers. The company later jumped into the tablet marketplace with the Xperia Tablet Z , the Xperia tablet Z2 and most recently the Z3 Tablet compact - all these devices are good enough ,but in a world where bigger is better , current Xperia tablets just don't cut it (for Sony) so apparently , the company is planning to launch a 13" ultra tablet that not only is bigger in size , but bigger in internals . The Xperia Tablet Z4 Tablet Ultra - as it is rumored to be called with is probably the most ambitious rumor yet . if true the tablet will have a ultrabook killing   13" 3,840 x 2,400 resolution IPS panel that has a 16:10 aspect ratio . The tablet will also have Qualcomm's latest and greatest (atleast for the next 6 months) - Snapdragon 810 Octacore chip that has a 2.86Ghz clock speed and all the 64bit power you need to handle the mostly fantasy 6GB of LPDDR3 ram listed in the rumor sheet (2GBx6 LPDDR3 array) .The tablet will have 64GB of storage + a expansion slot and it will feature PS4 remoteplay . The tablet will have a 12100 mAh battery which is believable considering the internals . The tablet will also have a 8mp 1/2.3 " Exmor RS sensor and a slim design of just 8.9mm which is typical of Sony . Overall the device looks like a killer tablet , but at such a large size ,many people will find it hard to afford or consider a larger than average tablet that basically has a mobile OS on it ,and therefore it might not even be financially acceptable for Sony to work on something like this , but then again Sony -even with dwindling smartphone sales is still milling out new handsets , so this might just be another device they are planning to launch to see if it sticks . So as we are undecided on whether it is true of false , for now we will take this with a grain of salt .

Source - GSMArena

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