Monday, January 5, 2015

CES 2015 - Garmin at CES

Garmin is well known for its excellent navigational  services but now in the age of "smart" everything , the company is slowly shaking its rugged adventurer appeal in order to appeal to those who still want excellent tracking services  but with less 1980's design language , a part of this change comes with Garmins 3 new "smartwatches" which the company unveiled alongside a new Vivofit 2 fittness tracker at CES 2015 .

First off , we have the Vivoactive smartwatch , this "sony smartwatch" like Garmin is probably the thinnest watch from the brand and it is also the cheapest . The watch costs $249 and $299 if you opt to have a built in heart late monitor option .The watch allows GPS and Glonass tracking and the ability to install 3rd party apps and watchfaces and widgets from developers and the ability to read smartphone notifications makes it more attractive to younger buyers as they might not care much about the average GPS quality the watch might provide when compared to Garmin's advanced models.

Garmin also launched a watch called Epix , this follows the traditional rugged watch design but the GPS watch does have 1.4" touchscreen display which provides the user to pinch and zoom on offline maps that store a years worth of free world satellite maps for your navigational pleasure.The watch has 8GB of storage onboard and you will be able to install apps from 3rd party developers using Connect IQ

Garmin also launched the professional grade Fenix 3 , which is the new successor to the Fenix 2 .The watch has professional grade offline maps and more accuracy thanks to advanced GPS and GLONASS receivers and it can work as a fittness tracker as the watch features a acclerometer,barometer,altimeter,step counter to collect data on fitness activities such as bike riding , walking and swimming as well as time calculations and altitude information for adventurers. The watch can deliver information to a smartphone via a bluetooth connection and the watch will also feature the ability to install 3rd party apps .

Pricing for the Fenix 3 is said to be $499 for the standard version , $549 for a model with a heart rate monitor strap and $599 for a sapphire glass /stainless steel model .

And finally ,Garmin added a refreshed Vivofit 2 fitness tracker to its lineup , this $130 silicon strapped tracker works just like anything else in the market right now , the device can be detached from the band so you can strap something with a bit more flare .The small OLED display shows basic information and with a few more dollars ($170) , you can get a heart rate monitor strap for this colorful accessory

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source- GSMArena

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