Thursday, January 22, 2015

HTC's One M9 leaks out - new case maker verifies previous leaks

The HTC One M9 - also codenamed HTC Hima is HTC's top secret next gen flagship for 2015 . The product ,which is said to be HTC's main Xperia Z4 , Samsung Galaxy S6 and G4 rival  is said to contain most of HTC's previous design DNA and a new camera module that will ultimately seal the fate of the 4mp ultra pixel units used in the two previous generations .

Leaks about the device came thick and fast , about a day back , we saw preliminary leaks that appear to show a single large camera at the back , this is said to be a HTC modified 20.7 MP camera (Possibly from Sony) along with two LED's for color balance . The module also shoots 4K video - a feature absent in previous models . The phone is also packing similar design cues from the previous gen model , but a new 5" QHD screen and 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 810 processor  are said to take center stage this time .

The second and the most convincing leak comes from a phone case maker from China . The M9 leaked in this set of renders shows us that the upcoming flagship will indeed look like the one leaked early on , the phone has a single camera and dual LED's and a new design rewamp shows us that the power button has now shifted to the right side of the phone rather than the top . The top section also has a small cut , this might be a slot for either a headphone jack or a IR blaster

HTC's next gen flagship - The One M9 will launch on the first of March (2015) at MWC in Barcelona , you can follow similar stories by clicking the MWC2015 tag below

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - GsmArena

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