Friday, January 23, 2015

Watch the last of the Defenders get assembled on Earth

After more than a half a century of driving in the extremes , the once mighty Defenders are now reaching the end of the line after a 68 year production history . The Land Rover Defender -a powerful , sturdy off road vehicle born out of the remnants of World war 2 lived on as a one of the last proper old school Chassis based 4x4 in the 21st century .The standard defender came in Wagon and short wheel base models (Defender 110 and 90) and it also came in truck versions as well , although the vehicle was considered a go anywhere vehicle , it was banned from entering the U.S after 1998 due to stringent safety factors to which the Defender was not designed for (no airbags and no pedestrian safety). To address this , and the poor fuel economy the 2100cc 4 cylinder engine had , LR is officially closing the tap on the classic Defender for good .

As a final good bye , Landrover will produce 3 editions of its last 2015 Defender lineup , the LR Defender Heritage - a old school designed Defender with a Mark 1/2 type grille , Grasmere green , a white roof and a steel badge from the early LR models will adorn this version . LR defender will also come with a Autobiography model -which is said to be the top of the range model with good quality leather interiors and a 147 Bhp engine ,and LR is also making a model called the Adventure - which is a Defender 110 modified with a snorkel , additional armor for the under side of the vehicle , Good year MT/R tires and a roofrack complete with your explorer red/orange paint (perfect for African Safari's and Nat Geo expeditions) 

Sadly its time to wave good bye to the legendary defender ,this was not only a vehicle of our time but of our grand parents time , it represented the best of a once by-gone empire (like the Mini) so it will still remain in our hearts , so before we burst into tears , lets watch the final assembly of the last batch of Defenders .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Digitaltrends

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