Thursday, January 22, 2015

Microsoft's January briefing - Free Windows 10 ,Microsoft Hololens VR headset and Windows 10 interface for smartphones , Xbox One

Microsoft has revealed new details about Windows 10 at a special Microsoft briefing  held today (21st) The new stratergy of windows 10 includes new ways of adding more users onboard by making the OS free for existing users who are already using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on their desktops or laptops . The move however only allows users to have it "Free" for the first year.

Windows 10 brings new improvements to the somewhat of a unsuccessful Windows 8/8.1 ,The update brings things like the start button but instead of programs you still get a list of live tiles which is not as bad as the previous version , Cortana is also present in the OS so she can work as a desktop personal assistant .Windows 10 also says bye bye to the good old Internet explorer as it is now kicked down (THIS IS SPAARTAA!!) to the pit of death by the new Spartan browser which brings a Google chrome like interface and more fluidity to the otherwise laggy experience. The browser will have custom themes  a Cortana shortcut and a  reading mode as well .

Microsoft has also promised Windows 10 for Windows Phone smartphones currently running version 8.1 .Although devices that are eligible for the update are not mentioned , the top of the range models are probably going to receive the Windows Phone 10 update  within the first year with  no problem.

The new update is said to bring a unification to the Windows OS platform with Desktops , tablets and smartphones working in perfect sync . The new update for windows phone will allow users to use the Word package -excel , powerpoint to their maximum potential (easy transition with larger desktops or tablets easily ) while keeping things simple like it has always been with Windows Phone interfaces . Photos will now have the feature to sync from multiple devices into a single collection using OneDrive and adjust photos or delete repetitions or blurred photos .  The new update will also bring a unified kernel that will allow Windows Phone and the desktop OS to share and download apps from a single appstore .

Microsoft Hololens - this is Microsoft's new Virtual reality headset to compete against Occulus and
Nvidia's OSVR . Thhe system runs Windows holographic and it has a "HPU" - holographic processing unit SOC . The system will run Windows 10 apps (this is still a  developer unit btw) and it tracks users gesture controls and voice commands which include the ability to wirelessly print any object designed in HoloStudio (a 3D design app) to a 3D printer ,release date of the Hololens is still unknown ,but Microsoft expects to launch it during the same time as Windows 10

Xbox One - Microsoft's new gen console is also listed to get a update in which it will be able to stream games to Windows 10 computers (thats to be seen) the new system also supports Steam.  there is also a 30 second gameplay record feature (DVR)which will allow you to record short videos from the game you just played for social network sharing , Windows 10 will also support directX12 , which will benifit gaming performance and game fluidity .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Multiple sources - CNET ,Microsoft, GSMArena,Gizmodo

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