Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Apple watch bags a million pre orders during the first weekend

Although the Apple watch might just be another accessory to have , the device , which has gone on pre order has apparently bagged almost a million pre orders in the first week end since it was available to the general public .The watch, which comes in two sizes and many price ranges with the cheapest Apple Watch costing $349 was probably expected sell the most , and apparently , new data collected by the Slice inteligence shows that the Sport edition - which is the entry level watch series , is also the most popular with 62% of the total preorders set for that . The Apple watch series runs in three options with the Apple watch sport being the cheapest followed up by the standard Apple watch and gold plated luxury Apple watch edition smartwatches which can cost upto $17000 . All three versions come with different face sizes and customizable straps in which the Black sport band and the Milanese loop - a magnetic band are the most famous after market purchases . According to analysts , Apple is planning to dish out 20 million Apple watches this year ,due to brand recognition and marketing Apple is expected to dominate the sector as its main rival - Android wear has only managed to get 700,000 units sold even though it was launched almost a year earlier .

Source - CNET

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