Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Microsoft makes Skype calls to and from Nepal free

As you may have heard , the 7.9 magnitude that hit Nepal has done some irreversible damage to the landlocked country , with a death toll going beyond its 3400 estimate , aid and relief workers are desperately trying to help out those affected in any way and with support pouring in , the time ahead will be tough .Microsoft , as a gesture of support has made its paid Skype call service to and from Nepal free .The move , which means that users in Nepal and users who want to contact another in Nepal can now use the service for free , the move will greatly help Skype users and other contacts in the region as most of Nepal's telecommunication networks are badly damaged . Skype is the second VoIP service provider to cut charges after Viber decided to do the same for the devastated region

Source - GSMArena

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