Wednesday, June 3, 2015

AMD 6th generation "Carrizo- A" processor unveiled

AMD unveiled three laptop class processors today. The three processors which are coded-  A8 , A10 and FX are a part of AMD's Carrizo -A line of efficient yet powerful chip sets designed for mobile computing on the go .

The chips , designed on a 28nm fabrication has 12 cores inside - 4 of them are based on AMD's Excavator architecture while the other 8 are GPU cores based on the 3rd Gen Graphics Core next ones. The module , even though it is based for low power consumption can still give enough GPU power to match the A10 Kaveri Desktop platform in GPU performance @15W (in the case of the high end A10 Carrizo that is ) The GPU supports Direct X 12 .

Encoding and decoding ultra HD codecs is also added namely 4K H.264,HEVC / H.265 in decoding as well as 4K Mjpeg ,Divx  and so on .

The new processors are also said to include a mobile 32bit processor - a Single Cortex A5 chip for AMD's "Secure Technology" that acts as a safe zone by partitioning the operation for sensitive data and trusted applications

The new AMD Carrizo series of Mobile chips/APU's will be available in upcoming Laptops from Acer ,Asus ,Toshiba and Lenovo in the coming months , AMD is also said to be working on a desktop variant of the Carrizo called the Carrizo-L for the future .

Source  - Anandtech,wccftech

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