Saturday, June 20, 2015

Apple removes First gen iPad mini from Apple store

Apple has officially removed the first gen iPad mini from the Apple store , the tablet, which was Apple's first mini tablet became quite popular as it was much cheaper and more compact than the larger 9.7" iPad . The first gen model featured a 7.9" IPS display with a woeful 1024x768 resolution which was much lower than rival products and it also featured just 512MB of RAM and a Dual core Apple A5 Chipset based on the Cortex A9 architecture .The iPad mini was also Apples only non retina display product and this is also one reason for it to get kicked out from the otherwise exclusive retina club .  Although the tablet is now succeeded by the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad Mini 3 , the old model will get  iOS 9 before it gets decommissioned . If you still want one , Apple still has a old stock of Refurbished iPad mini's in store but thats only available until stocks last .

Source - GSMarena

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