Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nokia 105 unveiled - $20 of budget happiness

Smartphones are all the rave these days , but even in a time of $600 , 2K displays and benchmark setting processors , humble "dumbphones" still sell in regions where a phone is just used as it was intended to .Say hello to the new Nokia 105 - a phone from the division Nokia kept away before the company disintegrated in orbit , the phone is basically down to earth so don't expect any features other than a color display and a LED flashlight . The phone , which is priced at a ultra cheap $20 unlocked is primarily aimed at developing regions where many potential users still lurk around , named after the old Nokia 105 , the new model features rounded corners , a new white color variant and more memory than the previous model .The phone , armed with its 800 mAh battery provides 15 hours of talktime and 35 days of standby .

Specs at a glance

*1.4" TFT 65K color display
*Nokia S30 OS
*4MB storage
*FM Radio
*LED torch
*800 mAh removable battery
*Available in Cyan  , Black and White

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Lumiaconversations

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