Tuesday, June 9, 2015

WWDC 2015- iOS 9 (beta) first look

Apple has given us a glimpse of what iOS 9 will look like when it is available , the mobile operating system - which is set to bring many UI improvements and a more intelligent Siri to the table was officially demoed at WWDC 2015 on the (8th) of June (early today if you live in a different time zone)

Apple's iOS 9 , as said earlier , features a highly evolved version of Siri who is now given a new interface , Siri works similar to Google Now on tap feature and works in the background without much input from the user . Siri will now check your emails for reminders and invitations and set reminders before hand including transit information including weather and traffic . Siri also detects your favorite tracks or radio and will set your jam once your connect the headphonesfollowed by simple commands like "play music" , it also detects connected devices like a bluetooth dashboard  system and allows you to easily set up with your vehicle . Siri is also equipped with a new function that lets you detect unknown caller ID's simply by going through email correspondence set with that person earlier on . Siri also works in the contextual search department and it now displays search details , apps and emails in a left scrolling menu which can be dismissed by one tap

Split screen multitasking has finally arrived on iOS , the feature , which is only avilable for iPad's brings split over - a feature that lets you pin a app on to the side while using another and Split view- which makes you use two apps on screen at once , this feature also extendes to video apps where you can minimize videos and drag the little video screen around the screen ,sadly this feature is only available for the iPad Air 2 , other multitasking features are also limited as you will need a iPad Air or iPad mini 2 to qualify for the multitasking features as older models feature slower processors and low RAM .

Maps are also given a boost , the new Maps app is given a major boost as it now features Transit information (available in some US,British ,Canadian and Chinese cities) .The new maps also has a new underground subway mapping system which works even under ground , Apple pay is also listed in Apple maps and places with the facility are listed .

Apple is also set to improve on little things like a direct copy and paste set up on the keyboard along with the ability to use two finger track-pad like functionality on the touch keyboards , there is also said to be a new News App - which works by adding your favorite web sources to one convenient app and a new performance boost which can open apps x1.9 faster , the battery life improvements on iPads were also listed and apparently iOS9 gives three more hours of battery life than the pervious version . Update requirement size is also reduced from 4.6GB+ to 1.3GB so you dont need to clear those big apps if your are struggling on space , Apple also announced a newer improved Car Play in-car system that works with no wires attached (with the phone kept in the users pocket instead)

iOS 9 is available on Beta starting next month and the update will arrive on consumer devices this fall

Source - GSMArena

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