Monday, June 8, 2015

WWDC 2015 - OSX El Capitan

Apple's new version of OSX is called El Capitan , the desktop operating system , which follows the mountain codename naming scheme since OSX Yosemite , the new OSX 10 version promises more polishing of the already great user interface

OSX El Capitan features a all new performance boost , this along with minor fixes to things like the Safari browser - which lets you pin sites , and mute any audio playing on any tab with one click and keep a up-to date webpage in the pinned sites is just some of the new improvements ,gestures including swiping from the left to get a delete button , shaking the mouse or trackpad reveals a larger cursor icon ,multitasking has also been improved due to the side-by side re-sized app view which can be scaled according to your liking . voice recognition has also been given a boost , and so now you can use natural language phrases to search for something more easily .

Performance boosts in El Capitan are also worth mentioning , Apps are said to launch x1.4 faster and thanks to the addition of Apple's Metal graphics engine , graphics are said to get a 40% performance boost while keeping CPU loads lower than games using OpenGL  .

Apple OSX El Capitan is now available as a developer version (10.11) with the full consumer version set to release this fall

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Macworld

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