Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dell unveils mil spec Latitude 12 Rugged tablet

Dell has unveiled a new hardcore Windows 8.1 tablet which is cutely named the Latitude 12 Rugged tablet . The device which on paper looks to be a 12" tablet is actually smaller as the display is only 11.6" - which by tablet standards is still pretty large , but this coupled with the 1366x768 resolution will surely make this device feel a bit out of place in a world filled with high pixel counts and mind blowing resolutions , but then again none of those tablets feature Dust , water , shock and Mud resistance as well as absorb drops from 4 feet and resist temperatures that can go from minus 20 to 145 degrees F , this then is not a tablet for your office - it as DEll intends is directly aimed at Military emergency responders and explorers . The Intel Core M powered tablet is running a full version of Windows 8.1 and it features a 512GB SSD flash storage and about 4-8GB of RAM .The tablet is expected to cost about $1500-2000 which is a lot for a Windows powered Core M tablet , but then again remember that this tablet features extreme suitability skills that a surface can only dream about .

Source - Engadget

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