Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nexus 5 hits 85K in benchmark test

Rumors of a  Nexus 5 for 2015 are all around the interwebs ,but today we have something special as a test run on Antutu5 shows a mysterious  nexus 5 (2015) hitting a record making 85530 on the benchmark scale which is insanely high considering that current flagships like the S6 , M8 and G4 are about 20K below this figure . The mysterious device is expected to be built by LG - a company which gained reputation after some popular -well built gadgets like the original Nexus 5 , the G Pad 8.3 and the highly acclaimed LG G4 . although we would expect the G4 to serve as the chassis for the Next nexus device , the upcoming LG G4 pro might be a better platform as a Snapdragon 820 is rumored to be on board . There are rumors of a Huawei built nexus as well  but for now ,LG is probably the one with the most thrums on the table at the moment  as it has the experience and the capability to produce a handset in the 5" range which many Android /Nexus fans expected to see in the Nexus 6 .Further details about the device are unknown at the moment , but we can expect to see the device during the months of September - November of this year .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - GSMarena

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