Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 ,412 ,616 unveiled

Qualcomm has unveiled three low to mid end processors today , the three processors - the Snapdragon 212 , 412 and the 616 are new additions to the Snapdragon lineup with the 616 taking the top dog spot on the list as it replaces the mid range Snapdragon 615 used in many phones today , The 412 replaces the older Snapdragon 410 and the 212 replaces the older 210 Soc announced last year

Snapdragon 616

The Snapdragon 616 brings a minor refresh to the already superb 64bit Snapdragon 615 Soc , the only speed difference comes from the increased clock speed of one of the 4 core clusters found on this 4+4 processor , the rest of the specs  including the Adreno 405 graphics , X5 LTE and the 28mm die is left unchanged

Snapdragon 412

Snapdragon 412 chip follows a similar refresh as the 616  , the overall chip has received a clock speed boost to 1.4Ghz from the 1.2Ghz found on the S410 . The memory channel   interface has received a boost from 533Mhz to 600 Mhz , everything else , including the LTE modem and the 28nm size is unchanged

Snapdragon 212

Snapdragon 212 is Qualcomm's ultra budget smartphone chip designed at below $100 smartphones , the new 212 has a small clock speed increase from 1.1 Ghz to 1.3 Ghz which is a little good news for those of you who want a affordable handset . The remaining specs , including support for the X5 modem and 8mp cameras are still added .The chip still works on the 32bit Cortex A7 platform and is the only member to remain out of the 64bit craze .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Anandtech

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