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What we know about the iPhone 6S so far ....

Apple's Wednesday event is only a day away and so far the rumor mill is going in -full steam . The September 9 event - which is said to unveil the next gen iPhone  is also rumored to be the event where Apple is to announce a new iPad - namely the iPad Pro - a tablet that will revolutionize multitasking for tablets ,but the star of the whole show will surely be the new iPhone - or lets say two as Apple will unveil both a 4.7" and a 5.5 " version if they are to announce new handsets tomorrow .

Apple iPhone 6S/6S Plus specs at a glance 

*4.7" (6S) 5.5" (6SPlus) IPS displays , 3D force touch 
*Similar chassis design with 7000 series aluminium construction 
*Apple A9 Soc , 50% more graphics than iPhone 6 
*2GB of RAM
*16,64,128GB storage
*12MP rear camera , 4K capable ,OIS(6SPlus)
*5MP front camera
*Rose Gold , Gold , Silver , Space Gray color options 

What we know so far ....

Design -

Apple is usually conservative about their design so the upcoming 6S and the 6S Plus will basically have a similar aluminium unibody design until Apple refreshes the design next year with the iPhone

 .The same layout will be present , but new design improvements - including a stronger frame made out of tougher 7000 series aluminium will be present to combat all the issues that came with the "bendgate" issue . The new chassis is also set to have bigger camera cut outs as the new optics are set to make a major mega pixel jump this time . Overall the design will feature a slightly larger shell(a few millimeters added all around)  thanks to the added bendgate protection , but the design will remain will be almost un noticeable to the naked eye


Internal hardware for the next gen iPhone's are said to include new processors , new RAM modules and of course Force touch - a feature that will be brought forward by Apple's force touch integration with their watch a while back . The main silicon of the phone - the Soc  is probably a point where the next iPhone(s) will shine as preliminary scores show that the Soc is hanging around with the current top dog Soc's in benchmarks .

The force behind the next gen iPhone's will surely be the Apple A9 Soc - a chip clocked to around 1.7-1.8 Ghz , this 64bit chip is designed on the ARM v8 architecture and is made to a 14nm FinFET transistor arrangement which will enable the soc to have more transistors in the same Die area .The Samsung designed chip is backed bu by a healthy 2GB of RAM which is a good sight as future software enhancements and games will surely need every bit of it .

Apple is also set to be working on improving LTE connectivity thanks to the new Qualcomm MDM9635M LTE chip found on board a alleged motherboard leak .The chip supports 300 mbps download speeds

Apple is also set to improve graphics on its Soc and according to rumors , the graphic prowess of the next iPhone(s) will be 50% more than the current iPhone 6.

And as usual , Apple will still keep their 16GB base model with no 32GB model as before , a 64GB and a 128GB option will be your only two other storage options

Cameras on the iPhone 6 will be a major step up as the megapixel count is rumored to go up to 12MP , this megapixel bump is the first time Apple bumped it up since the announcement of the iPhone 4S in 2011  .Although megapixels are not everything , the new addition will bring more clarity and give Apple the ticket to join the megapixel wars . The arrangement of the rear cameras might be changed on the iPhone 6S Plus as there is a chance that it will feature optical image stabilization while the iPhone 6 will skip the feature . 4K video recording is also rumored to come in Apple's new spec list as the 2GB RAM and Soc will easily handle it without issue .The camera is also said to feature a slightly recessed "bump" , but it will be less significant than the one found on the iPhone 6 .

Apple is also rumored to increase the front facing camera to a 5MP facetime module - a huge improvement over the 1.2MP found in the previous gen ,

Display and Force Touch are probably the most expected features for the next gen iPhones , the Display , a refreshed IPS pannel will still come in 4.7" and 5.5" for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus .

The resolution of the next gen iPhones are expected to remain the same , but there will be a new 3D force touch system that detects user touch levels and responds accordingly .Although the feature is set to be governed  by a new controller sitting under the display , the whole process might work quite differently to the mechanical force touch actuators found in Apple's laptops and Watches .

Battery is a bit subjective as the iPhone 6S Plus will surely have a bigger cell inside as its larger display requires more juice , the iPhone 6S on the other hand is set to have a similar battery mAh capacity as the older model and some rumors go far as to say the new model will have a smaller battery as the new chassis is slightly cramped inside .(iPhone 6 has  1800 mAh battery , so according to rumors the new model might come with a 1715 mAh capacity) .Battery life will usually remain the same as before as Software plays a major part in Apple's overall experience

Pricing ,Packaging and colors 

Apple might stick to its $200 -$300 contract price in the US ,but the unlocked price might go a bit higher as Apple has new hardware inside and a new selection of colors including the Rose Gold option which was previously only available with the Apple Watch .Even if this color is now available , Gold , Silver and Space Gray will surely be available

Package contents of the new iPhone's will be similar to the last model with the Earbuds with mic , Power brick , the lightning cable and documentation listed inside .

Apple will unveil the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus tomorrow (September 9th) at 10.00 AM PST .

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