Tuesday, January 5, 2016

CES 2016 - New Alcatel Onetouch Pixi tablets and smartphones unveiled

Alcatel has unveiled Android and Windows tablets and smartphones at CES today . The Pixi lineup - one of Alcatels mid tier sub brands is now even bigger thanks to Alcatels lineup which includes a Windows tablet - Pixi 3 (8) ,a Android tablet - Pixi 4 (7) and Android smartphones - Pixi 4 (6) (4) (3.5) .


Alcatel Pixi 3 (8) is Alcatels first tablet running Windows 10 mobile . The OS - initially designed to run on Windows phone devices is now blown up to 8" and therefore it is not the same OS as its desktop counterpart so dont expect to run any major applications . The pixi 3 also has another achillies heel as it runs on a low end 1.3ghz  Quadcore Snapdragon 210 Soc which is designed on the somewhat outdated Cortex A7 platform .The Pixi 3 also has 1GB of ram ,32GB of expandable storage and it has 4G Lte support as well .The cameras on the tablet is  said to be 5MP and 2MP . The battery on the tablet is 4060mAh and as said previously it has a 8" display with 1280x800 resolution display.


Alcatel Pixi 7 is basically a Android 6.0 marshmallow tablet with a 7" 1024x600 resolution display .The tablet features a Mediatek  MT8321 chipset clocked to 1.1 Ghz cortex A7 processor with 1GB of ram.The tablet has a 8GB internal storage and it is also expandable .The tablet features a 2mp rear camera and a VGA front camera ,a 3G modem and a 2580mAh battery


Alcatel Pixi 4 (6) is a 6"  smartphone with Android 6.0 out of the box .The phone features a 6" 1280x800 resolution IPS display . A Snapdragon 210 soc clocked to 1.1 Ghz and 1GB of RAM .The  phone has a 8mp rear camera with flash , a 5mp front camera and 8GB of internal storage with micro sd expansion . The phone supports LTE and it has a 2580 mAh battery .


Alcatel Pixi 4 - as the name implies is a 4" smartphone . The phone has a 4" 480p display , a 1.3Ghz Quadcore Mediatek 6580m Soc ,512mb of RAM with 4GB internal  storage and there is also a option of 1GB ram with 8GB internal storage .The rear camera of both versions is 5MP  but you can opt for a 2mp front camera with the 8gb version or stick with a VGA front camera if you get the 4GB version. However the biggest plus point for this phone is its operating system - which , like the rest of the Pixi 4 lineup is Android 6.0 Marshmallow .


Alcatel Pixi 4 (3.5) is the smallest and probably the cheapest model in Alcatel pixi lineup this year .The phone has a hvga 3.5 " display znd a Mediatek M6572m processor and 512mb of ram . The phone has a 2mp rear camera and a VGA front camera .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD
SOURCE - GsmArena

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