Tuesday, January 5, 2016

CES 2016 - Nvidia Drive PX will bring 8 tflops to your future car

Nvidia has officially anounced its in car supercomputer called Nvidia Drive PX 2 . The system , designed to give self driving cars the next generational push it need is set up using Nvidias new Pascal gpu which boasts of 8 tflops - this power however comes from 2 pascal GPU cores and 2 ARM based Tegra cores .details about the two tegra cores are not listed , but all we can say is it is based on ARM's 64bit cortex A57 architecture and each of them are configured as a quadcore Soc . The two Pascal processors on tbe other hand are designed using a 16nm FinFet technique and they generate the same power as 150 macbook pro's while remaining the same size as a meduim size lunchbox. 
Via -Nvidia

The system , equipped with its own cooling system ,the platform requires 250w .But considering that automakers will add this system to the cars battery , it will not be a issue at all .Volvo is said to be the first automaker out to make use of the Drive PX car computer  .The system , which tracks all parameters of the cars braking , distance ,, speed and other vital signals generated from the cars radar and safety systems will create a virtual view of the environment and take action if it detects danger- kind of like TCAS (traffic alert and collision avoidance system )  for the road .

Although self driving technologies were put into use in 2015 , the new PX system will take it to the next level as it will  intergrate next gen neural technology concepts such as the ability to update and share information via cloud .The system , known as Nvidia DriveNET will inform other users of road and driving conditions The Nvidia Drive Px will be available by fall of this year . 

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