Tuesday, January 5, 2016

CES 2016 - Samsung family hub is a two door frige with android

Android on domestic appliances is nothing new , from ovens to washing machines , manufacturers have come up with different ideas on how to insert the little green robot into just about everything they can find .Samsung - a company that has a large domestic appliance department has come up with a new fridge that runs on Android .
Introducing the new Samsung Family hub - although it sounds like some Samsung smartphone app for kids , the family hub is actually Samsungs latest take on a android powered refrigerator.Equipped with a 21.5" portrait Full HD display , the fridge runs a heavily customized version of Android and it also features 5 android menu buttons(reminds us about the days of Android 2.1 smartphones) located at the bottom bezel on this humongous display .  The fridge , is also equipped with internal cameras that can display its contents without opening the fridge at all . Support for wifi means that this fridge can send its fridge cctv footage to connected devices like a tethered phone or tablet and it can also display details and memos sent from those devices . Price and availability details are not available , but considering that most "smart" android appliances cost a small fortune , this wont be a exception .If you do hope to buy one , just make sure that you dont root it as it might "freeze" the apps (insert laughter here).

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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