Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lenovo to kill off Moto G and Moto E - Updated

Update - A Lenovo spokesperson has informed us that they would not be killing kff the platforms , but instead lower the number of devices (hint - no moto X or Moto G spinoffs) " Although we are simplifying the combined Motorola and [Lenovo] portfolio, we have no plans to retire Moto G, our most successful smartphone, or Moto E,"

TL,DR - Lenovo to change Motorolas brand identity and has  killed off the Moto G and Moto E 

Motorola -  a icon of the walkie talkie generation and a pioneer of mobile technology is now just a sad hulk of its former glory . The company originally  started out as a radio technology company in 1928 and it later gained international recognition as it pioneered the  walkie talkie after world war two and made communication devices for the Apollo mission to the Moon . With a background in communications technology , Motorola slowly started out its venture into consumer communications systems and semi conductor technologues and in the early 1980's they introduced the DynaTAC - the worlds first cellular phone .Later on , Motorola would launch successful handsets and was the largest handset producer until 1998 (when the now -also dead Nokia overtook Motorolaas the worlds largest mobile phone manufacturer).

With the dawn of a new millennium , Motorola adjusted its production division and launched some of the most iconic pre-iphone handsets the world has ever seen . The Motorola Rzar series - a iconic clamshell handset sold 130 million units while being the handset of choice for many celebrities , and the Moto ROKR E1 - a joint venture by Apple and Motorola in which iTunes was demonstrated before Apple launched their own handset -the iPhone .However with the rise of smartphones , Motorola had only a few options to go for and they decided to join the Android club by launching the Droid series , but with the competition turning stiff , Motorola slowly dissappeared from its superpower status,broke up in two with Motorola solutions taking most of the name and Motorola mobility taking over the mobile game . 

After the Split , Motorola Mobility was gobbled up by Google , this move was seen as a threat by other Android handset makers who protested the move .Motorola however did see some success at the hands of Google with launch of the Moto G - a handset that had high quality internals , a good display , camera and a affordable price , this was further enhanced with the launch of the Moto E - a sub $130 phone with decent performance and good build quality . But with pressure from external entities , Google decided to sell off Motorola to Lenovo - a move which has brought the company into a positive light and then into a negative one by the end of 2015 . The first stage of Motorola's negative impact started with the Moto E fiasco - The Moto E -2nd gen was launched with a snapdragon 410 soc and 1gb ram , the phone ran Android 5.0 out of the box and was promised one major update after launch , this later proved to be strange move as the company pulled the plug on the device after the eventual Android 5.1 update .This caused a lot of fury and a negative cloud surrounded the brand image , fast forward to 2016  and we have a even worse situation - Motorola is killing off its Moto G and Moto E lineups .

The Motorola  Moto G - a handset that brought Motorola to its current popularity  survived for three generations and was one of the most important devices in Motorolas portfolio . The handset first came with a 4.7" 720p display ,1gb of ram and a 1800 mAh battery , the 4G model launched during Lenovo's takeover had a SD card and a slightly larger 2048mAh cell , the second model featured a slight upgrade with a 5" display, 13mp rear camera and front facing speakers , the 2015 model featured a incremental upgrade with the only upgrades coming in the form of a 13mp rear camera , dual led flash and 2gb ram with IP67 water resistance . The third generation device runs on Android 5.0 with a upgrade to 6.0 in the horizon . The story of the Moto E on the other hand is not as brilliant as its bigger brother . After two generations , the Moto E has apparently faced Lenovos Axe after just two software updates , the main reason can be attributed to either low sales or the eventual fate of decomissioning .Lenovo is also said to be working on changing the whole outlook on Motorola as everything except for Motorolas Batwing logo will recive a change ,headlines speculate that Motorola Mobility will only exist as Moto by Lenovo on the retail box .The change however will not be the end of  Motorolas flagship Moto X line as it will possibly merge as one device once again .Lenovo however will continue the budget device lineup with their own Vibe series phones  but we would surely miss the once glorious Moto G and the Moto E (to some extent) as it brought capable hardware and affordability to the masses who were otherwise compelled to buy expensive smartphones for a good quality build and software updates .

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