Tuesday, January 5, 2016

RUMOR - Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to pack bigger batteries , SD card slot and 12MP camera

Rumors and leaks about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S7 is all the rave in the technology world right now .The next gen flagship smartphone , a successor to the popular Galaxy S6 series will incorperate new features , a bigger battery and a incremental design upgrade over the current metal and glass unibody design . Although the S7 will look much squarer in design (Samsung seems to run a bi-annual square and round design phase ) the design will still pack a premuim finish incorperating metal and glass (sorry no replacable batteries) in a tight unibody that ,according to new rumors from @evleaks is said to be water resistant with a IP 67 rating (the S5 had a similar rating ) .The design is also said to incorperate a 3000 mAh battery in the normal S7 model while the S7 Edge will have a slightly beefier 3600 mAh battery -a major update over the woefully inadequate 2550 and 2600 mAh batteries found in the S6 and S6 edge . The phones are also set to recieve expandable microSD card support once again (a feature dropped on the s6) and it will retain wireless inductive charging as well .

The rumored S7 and S7 edge are said to sport 5.2"  and 5.5" QHD AMOLED displays with the regular (flat display) S7 taking the 5.2" display .The edge model on the other hand will use a 5.5" pannel .Both displays are said to feature Always on technology which will display small details such as the time on the display always(similar to Nokias glance feature) .on the camera side , the S7 and S7 Edge might have taken a backseat in terms of megapixels as rumors indicate that Samsung maybe planning to implement its f1.7 Britcell 12mp sensor .This brings a slight megapixel step down from the 16MP sensor found on the S6 but its lower aperture and 1/2" sensor means that low light photography will certainly look much better on the S7 than the previous generation . Although its not certain whether Samsung will take a risk in dropping megapixels (average customers usually measure phones in terms of megapixels so it wont go well with bragging rights) ,the camera module on the S7 series will surely look great anyway.

Samsung is rumored to anounce the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at a special event held on the 21st of February . Exact  specs , designs and anouncements dates are still not known , so take all these rumors lightly (for now )

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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