Thursday, February 11, 2016

LG G5 - What we know so far (latest leaks)

As you all know , LG is set to release their latest and greatest handset this month . The LG G5 - as it will be known is set to bring a more Premium design as well as new hardware on the 21st of February at MWC 2016 in Barcelona.Listed below are some of more recent leaks provided by eagle eyed smartphone spotters.


On the hardware side , LG will pack 2016's staple processor - the Snapdragon 820 , the latest leaks appeared in a geekbench test which listed the LG G5 with the Model number F700S  to pack a 1.59 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 soc with 4GB of RAM - quite impressive indeed , this is also supplemented by 32GB and 64GB of internal storage as well as a MicroSD expansion slot which ,if required can serve as a part of the internal memory through Android 6.0.1 (see Android Marshmallows Adoptable storage feature)


LG is said to keep its 2560x1440 resolution this year as well , the display however is said to feature a even better color gamut than the G4 of last year , the display however will still be a IPS pannel but we have no confirmation on that one just yet .The G5 is also said to feature a "always on" feature that displays the clock and other call information in a monochrome layout - kind of like old Nokia phones of past .

LG G5 will have a always on display

If you were worried about how much of a toll it would have on your precious battery - worry not , a monochrome layout such as this would hardly use any battery and plus , you wont have a need to on the phone every few seconds just to see the time and date
And with LG's leaked touch enabled "smart cover" option aka LG Quick Cover , you can answer calls with the case still on (Similar to HTC's smart case) 


Rumor has it that LG is planning on getting a 16mp and a 8mp rear camera set up - thats right , Dual cameras !

Although the G5 is protected by a leak proof case , the camera and fingerprint sensor module give away most of the design elements .. via - Droidlife

While the whole Dual camera set up is not new (HTC One M8) , LG was however the first to introduce a dual camera Android smartphone with the  LG Optimus 3D in 2011 .The new G5 is said to take inspiration from past devices andbut instead of placing the module vertically , it is said to take a horizontal approach as the fingerprint reader is said to come just below the camera module , the camera is also said to include a dual led set up and a laser rangefinder for autofocus , the front camera is said to feature a single 8mp module a-la G4.
this is probably the closest we can get to seeing the real deal - via Phandroid/AA

So as you can see , most of the design elements shows us that this phone has a sort of a unibody design , this however means that the battery is not hot swappable like the LG G's before it , but in a rather change plot twist , LG has a small trick up its sleeve , and that is a removeable bottom cup that will expose the battery well .

Via - Cnet

Amusing as it may be , the idea for a removeable cup design was demonstrated with the Xperia U and the HTC Legend - a phone that actually used the battery well design while maintaining a alluminium unibody ,the only problem however is whether it will actually make it on to the final product as a cup would have to keep its locking mechanism from being worn out by regular use , also the question of where the USB port and the speaker grills are located leaves us without a doubt that the G5 will not include these prototype designs in the final stage - but we could be wrong too .

Final conclusion

The LG G5 is set to be LG's flagship phone for 2016 , the phone will pack the best hardware available at the moment but with rival smartphones such as the upcoming Galaxy S7 set to launch on the same day - February 21st , there is a chance that LG might take another tour on the backseat this year as well , but thats to be seen . Stay tuned for more LG G5 news by clicking the LGG5 tag below

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

SOURCES -Gsmarena ,phandroid(2),Phandroid

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