Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nikon 850 gets leaked ......does the top feature a hybrid EVF?

Obtained by NikonRumors , these two leaked press images give us the first look into what the Nikon D850 actually looks like .

TL:DR - Nikon D850 has a larger penta-prism buldge on top , and it no longer features a pop up flash . The bulge will feature connectivity options (Wifi ? Bluetooth and NFC? GPS?) rather than a hybrid EVF(as rumored by many) as locking up the mirror for on sensor detection is still in its infancy ) . Nikon will implement this technology in the future once the tech improves and costs drop down  , but by that time they will just feature a Mirrorless lineup as well.

Although the new D850 shares the same DNA as its predecessor ,The first leaked images show us that the buttons are now illuminated , this is great for all those "Astrographers" who struggle with finding which is which on the 810 series as backlighting was left out . There is also a tiltable touch screen display and will certainly benefit all those who shoot like to shoot in odd angles . The top LCD is still lit with a green light , but the biggest change is said to be in the design where eagle-eyed viewers spotted an anomaly on the top plate design where the prism is located in . Unlike the D810 , which has room allocated for a pop up flash , the D850 features a fixed bulge(with no built in flash) which some say features a hybrid EVF system .

So is this true ? . Well for starters the only practical way of adding both a mirror and a EVF is to implement it a way similar to Sony's SLT technology . the older SLR technology - which reflects the light to a focusing screen and then to a pentaprism may use a EVF fixed to its pentaprism , but in order to activate it , the mirror mechanism will have to life up , giving the main sensor priority to focus and lock on ( basically liveview "Priority" ) . The effectiveness of the EVF therefore will highly depend on the performance of the sensor's ability to autofocus in live-view , and if they feature a phase detection technology on the 42mp sensor , it is quite possible to reach Sony A7RII levels of autofocus while using the EVF .

This will be a hit or miss feature which would highly depend on Nikon's ability to configure its sensor , currently hybrid systems use a semi-translucent mirror or a rangerfinder  OVF + Evf mechanisms which would not work with the traditional DSLR design , the technology is quite possible , and we might see it in the future , but considering that ON-CHIP phase detection is still in its infancy (except for the Sony A9) , adding a half baked technology to a mainline pro-DSLR right now would possibly bring some negative reviews on the D850 (with many encouraging the traditional OVF + Mirror setup) and therefore Nikon might not bite the bullet just yet .We do expect Nikon to release some sort of a hybrid tech once the technology matures enough (and becomes affordable enough to fit into a sub ~4000 DSLR body , and hopefully , by then Nikon would have their rumored Mirrorless body as well .

So what will we see in that bulge ? well the connectivity sensor array - WIFI (for snapbridge) ,Bluetooth  along with GPS and/or NFC might be present there as it will not interfere with other units magnetic fields present in the camera body (similar to the 5D Mk4) .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Nikonrumors

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