Sunday, February 21, 2016

MWC 2016 - ZTE S Pro Plus

ZTE has launched a monstrous handset at MWC , the handset ,packing everything from a monstrous AMOLED display to a humongous battery , 2  4W JBL speakers and even a pico projector , the device is essentially a mobile powerhouse but that does not mean that everything is handy dandy - the size , which is definitely going to be a issue makes this tablet a semi- work tablet . The humongous tablet is also a bit under-specked in this day and age as well , the built in Snapdragon 801 chip - although was a powerful back in 2014 is now outpaced even by midrange processors .The tablet however is said to be somewhat in the affordable side , and if so , it will surely be a hit .

Display - 8.4" 2560x1440p AMOLED
Design - Unibody Tablet
Processor - Snapdragon 801
Storage(RAM/ROM+Expansion) - 3GB RAM  ,16 GB Storage + MicroSD
Cameras - 5mp
OS - Android 6.0
Battery - 12100 mAh
Others - 2x 4W JBL speaker , 480p Pico projector

Written by Rakitha For MasHD

Source - Androidcentral

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