Friday, April 22, 2016

Amazon updates 7" kindle fire with new color range and larger storage

Amazon has refreshed their bargain bin tablet today ,the basic kindle fire 7" - a tablet with a 7" 1024x768 resolution display , 1gb of ram and a cortex A7 based Mediatek SOC was sold for a affordable $49 for just 8GB of storage ,and sometimes was sold in bulk packs of 6 .Although the black plastic slate was cheap and easily rootable in order to install Google apps on the Lolipop based Kindle OS , the tablet was a bit too dull looking and it lacked the design cues of its slightly expensive bretheren .But Amazon - in its annual refresh , has refreshed the tablet with 3 new colors - Orange ,Blue and Magenta ,the internals were left unchanged ,but the internal flash storage is now available with 16Gb as well . The 16GB Kindle fire 7 is priced at $69 and the regular 8GB model is available at $49 .

Source -Gsmarena.

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