Tuesday, April 12, 2016

HTC 10 lifestyle packs slower specs , will be sold as a alternative to the flagship in India and some regions

Read - HTC unveils HTC 10.
HTC anounced their flagship smartphone - the HTC 10 a few hours ago , the phone - which packs a 4GB ram and a 2.2 ghz Snapdragon 820 Soc is said to bring HTC back into the limelight after struggling to get traction after a they recieved a cold welcome last year . Although the new phone packs all the bells and whistles to rival a galaxy S7 , the phone sadly is said to come in a slightly slower variant for regions where HTC will not sell the hTC 10 .

Say hello to the HTC 10 Lifestyle - yes that is the name given by HTC , the phone , following a similar path to LG's low spec Snapdragon 6XX powered LG G5 is said to be available in markets such as India ,Indonesia (and many Asian countries) and possibly South America /East Europe as it will carry a slightly lower price than the S820 powered unit

The HTC 10 lifestyle packs a Snapdragon 652 Soc - a 6 core processor comprising of 2 Cortex A72 cores and A53 cores will deliver a slightly less amount of raw horsepower but it will likely deliver a batter battery and heat retaining capacity than its 820 equipped brother . The phone packs 3GB of Ram , one gb less than the flagship model and it will come only in a 32GB version . The rest of the specs are said to include the same camera and displays as the flagship

Pricing details are still sketchy , but it will be slightly cheaper than the flagship model .

Source -Gsmarena

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