Tuesday, April 12, 2016

HTC One M10 - what we know so far

HTC really deserves a second shot at redeeming themselves from past mistakes , the company - regarded as one of the most innovative smartphone companies until a few years ago was also the first to introduce 4G smartphones , the first Android phone and even helped create the first Windows mobile device and Sony's first Xperia handset .But with competition getting stiff , HTC found itself in a tough position where they could no longer sell their low end devices as tech titans like Samsung took over , by 2012 HTC was in a tough position in the flagship smartphone race as well , coupled with a few blunders , this mighty company slowly faded from being innovative to being scolded at in the tech world as their One M handsets became too plain and poorly executed .Fast forward to 2015 and we have HTC making a underwhelming handset - the M9 which some say was probably another nail at HTC's coffin , but is it ? Worry not as HTC is said to unveil its next flagship today , the new handset - designed using the best elements from the One M series and the butterfly series focuses on becoming not a stepover but a fully fledged battering ram which HTC will take to get back into the smartphone race .

HTC M10 , What we know so far

As we all know m, Snapdragon 820's and 4GB ram is the basic flagship entry pass for 2016 , the HTC M10 therefore is no exception and therefore it features a Snapdragon 820 Soc and a good 4GB of ram .Expect a microSD card slot and 32GB of basic on board memory on this beast will also Android's adoptable storage which would let you use the MicroSD card as a part of the storage as well .

Display wise , the M10 will feature a 5.2" AMOLED with 2560x1440p resolution .The displays in question are said to have gorilla glass 4 protection and they are said to be the first time (since the Nexus one era) that HTC is opting to use AMOLED displays on a flagship smartphone .

Camera wise , the phone is said tk go toe to toe with the best in town , the 12 mp rear sensor is not impressive on the megapixel count when compared to last year , but as Samsung showed , HTC is also preaparing to decimate previous flagship camera modules with its new 12mp Ultrapixel sensor which. is said to have a similar spec sheet as Samsung's offering ,(we wont be suprised to see a Sony IMX260 sensor inside) .The camera is said to have laser autofocus , dual LED flash and optical image stabilization and 4K video recording .
The front sensor of the HTC M10 will have a 5MP wide angle unit with image stabilization as well .

Rest of the spec sheet includes a USB Type C , Rumored wireless(inductive) charging , a 3000 mAh battery , Android 6.1 Marshmallow with Sense 8 UX and some water resistance coating And a front facing fingerprint sensor a-la HTC A9.Htc is however said to be dropping its signature Front firing speakers on this model which is a bit of a shame though

And there you have it , what we think of the HTC M10 , a phone that promises to be a phoenix to HTC's current woes and a nightmare to other manufacturers , but will it live up to the hype , or will it dissapoint , we shall see in a few hours time

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source - AndroidAuthority

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