Friday, April 15, 2016

Kindle Oasis - Amazon's new ereader promises two month battery life

Although tablets stole its thunder, e-readers are still somewhat relevant for book readers who like to save their eyesignt from the backlkght of iPads and Android tablet displays .e readers are also more power efficent than Lcd counterparts and they sometimes can go on for days without a single charge .Amazon , one of the last manufacturers to keep the e ink devices in production has unveiled the most capable and probably the most expensive reader yet - the Kindle Oasis .

Although the e reader sounds like a English pop rock band , the e reader is set to keep you running through two months on a full charge *, this incredible battery is achieved by the Oasis thanks to its 6 inch 300dpi 10 LED backlit e ink display that sips only a small drop of batterylife while you read and the *case cover which charges up your device when tethered (and is included in the box) .The e reader however is not some extreme tent side companion as the elements will remder the oasis uselss so think twice before you pack one in your bug out bag .The rest of the specs include support for wifi,bluetooth and even ^3G , so right about now you may ask much does this thing cost ..well here is a bit of a shocker ,the Kindle oasis costs $289 , which would run upto 300 once you add everything up .At this price , a e reader is probably not on your wish list, and you will definetly be tempted by the $80  model  or the $199 Kindle voyage if you are just looking for a reader ,but if you are a well heeled reader with a passion for reading away from your home , then this is probably the gadget for you.

Source -Amazon

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