Friday, April 1, 2016

MasHD AutoNews - Tesla unveils Model 3 - the tesla for the rest of us

Tesla has unveiled their newest member in the all electric ride club .the new Model 3 ,is the most affordable model to enter production as it features a starting price of $35,000 . The new Tesla model 3 , built on a all new platform focuses on seating a family of 5 and a 215 mile range*(346 km for everyone using SI) on one full charge . The car has a 0-60 time of less than 6 seconds , which puts it en par with some high performance European sports sedans while carrying all the bells and whistles of Teslas excellent safety systems including the Autopilot option .The car is said to go into mass production in 2017 , and due to its insane demand ( 100k + pre orders during the event) it will require a all new factory to be built as the current Tesla production lines are not sufficent to meet the insane demqnd for the vehicle .Overall the new Tesla model 3 looks to be promising and a true test for Tesla's  production department as the company goes mainstream .

Source - ThVerge

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