Saturday, April 2, 2016

Microsoft bringing support for Bash on Windows 10 Anniversary edition

Change is near and Microsoft is here with its Build conference , the event , which focused on the next release of Windows 10 is said to be more developer friendly with touches of linux mixed in .The next update is said to include support for even more secure biometric scanners , improved stylus support and a smarter Cortana who will now understand your tasks better . And there is also said to be Android notifications support built in - which is a positive move as a majority of Microsoft's userbase owns Android powered devices .

Microsoft has apparently had a change of mind(and plan) and are currently working on Bash for Windows .Bash - a popular linux command shell is said to be available through Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 anniversary edition .The next gen version of Windows 10 will intergrate Ubuntu binaries which means that developers can use their cmd line tool without a emulator .These features and many more (linux - ware) will be supported in the upcoming update which will be available for free*

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