Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Canon 6D Mk2 rumored for May 2017 launch

via - the digital picture 
A new set of rumors state that Canon is set to launch the successor to its 6D  in May of this year .The 6D , which is in a dire need for a successor was launched in 2012 and has so far brought in new recruits who wanted a cheaper Full frame alternative to the expensive 5D /and 1D models . The rumored camera , which is  is said to have a new 28 megapixel sensor with  Canon's excellent  Dual pixel AF system is probably a world ahead of the 6D in term of AF and overall quality . The Camera also brings a tilt screen display - a must have for all cameras , a new shell design with dual SD card slots , a new Digic 7 processor , a new almost 100% viewfinder  and possibly a excellent but now old 1080p@60fps (we are not completely sure about 4k as it would cannibalize the some of the 5D mk4 sales) . The upcoming camera is expected to cost about $2k body only ,but do take these rumors with a pinch of salt .

source - thenewcamera

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