Saturday, January 7, 2017

CES 2017 - FLIR goes dual camera - in a different way

FLIR - one of the best known "forward looking infrared" camera makers has unveiled their very own Dual camera setup called the the FLIR DUO - the new camera , designed to be portable and drone ready - meaning that you will now have eyes in the sky by just mounting it to your DJI drone . The camera system , unlike most FLIR systems uses both a thermal imaging camera and a visible light camera for better identification of heat signatures in a picture in picture view than pretending to be the Predator . The camera systems come in two variants with a cheaper "FLIR DUO" retailing for $999 and a calibrated model with more measuring equipment including a radiometric sensor (to measure radiation) and a aerial thermal sensor ("FLIR DUO R")  going out for "$1299" .


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