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Fuji X 100F

Fuji has anounced a worthy successor to the X100 from a few years back , the rangefinder based mirrorless camera , armed with a APS-C sensor,was popular as its fixed pancake lens allowed it to be carried just about anywhere - making it the almost perfect travel companion if you like retro inspired designs .The new camera -the X100F improves on the old platform and now has a 24MP APS-C sensor from the X-T2 flagship with 325AF points and a maximum ISO of 51200 - similar to the X-T20 launched beside this model . The camera however does not feature 4K video recording and instead has 1080p.The camera comes with a fixed 23mm (35mm FF equivalent) which can be fitted with extension optics - Wide WCL-X100 II and the tele TCL -X100 which will give the camera about 70+mm (50mm eqv) . The camera will be available for $1299 .

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<Key features on the FUJIFILM X100F>

[1] Fujifilm's excellent reproduction of colors and gradation of tones capture premium image quality in both stills and video recording
The X100F features the 24.3MP X-Trans™ CMOS III*, an APS-C sensor with no low-pass filter boasting the highest performance in the history of the X Series, as well as the X-Processor Pro high-speed image processing engine to deliver outstanding color reproduction and gradation of tones in both stills and videos with high ISO sensitivity and low noise. The Film Simulation modes, developed with Fujifilm's philosophy of color reproduction nurtured in over 80 years of photo film research, have further evolved to capture a subject's textures, three-dimensional feel and even the atmosphere surrounding it.

[2] Perfect for snapshots with quick response and enhanced AF performance
Basic response specifications have been enhanced to the extreme in the X100F. A startup time of approx. 0.5 seconds, shooting interval of 0.2 seconds**, shutter release time lag of 0.01 seconds** and fastest AF of 0.08 seconds, ensure the camera operates exactly as the photographer intends.
The number of focusing points has been dramatically expanded from 49 in previous models to 91 (up to 325 points). Approx. 40% of the imaging area (center area containing 49 focusing points) is covered with phase detection AF pixels to form a fast and precise phase detection AF area that can be used in a variety of scenes.

[3] Evolution of the Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder
The changeable magnification of the electronic rangefinder, shown in a small window as EVF at the bottom right corner of the optical viewfinder, enhances accuracy when checking the focus. The Real Time Parallax** Correction function is applied to the focus area in addition to the guide frame to enable assured framing and focusing in the Manual Focus mode.

[4] Intuitive and practical operability
New features in the X100F include the Built-In ISO Dial, incorporated into the Shutter Speed Dial reminiscent of film cameras of yesteryear, the Focus Lever, which allows you to instantaneously move the focus area without having to take your eye off the viewfinder, and the “C” position for enabling ±5 stop exposure compensation. Most of the operation-related buttons and dials are concentrated on the right-hand side to allow quick change of settings while firmly holding the camera.

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