Friday, January 27, 2017

Gramin Virb Ultra 30 adds ATC comms input

With the popularity of action cameras at a all time high , many manufacturers are churning more models faster than their actual sales ,while many try to distinguish themselves in this overcrowded market ,  almost all of them  look the same (cue the GoPro -inspired designs and knockoffs) internally and externally and this has therefore made made things very difficult for companies as users tend to select products that stand out from the me-too bin . Gramin - a company with a few years of experience in making action cameras now has added a new set of accessories for their Virb Ultra 30 action camera series . The new accessory - dubbed as a aviation package aims at giving amateur and general avaiation pilots the chance to record epic travel/flying videos ,the package , which includes a stereo audio cable to record ATC communications is also available along with a new cage mount for the camera . The internals of the camera remain the same , and therefore you can expect to see the same 12MP stills and 4K recording to remain unscathed eventhough the camera has  a additional  filter which is said to minimize the propeller distortion . Also included with the camera are acclerometers,GPS module  and a gyroscope , these sensors in return provide location data , pitch and roll , turn and lateral acceleration which can be turned on once you are ready to edit the video .The camera also comes with voice control for taking pictures and recording video. Pricing for the Virb Ultra 30 with the Avaiation package is said to be $499 .
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