Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nikon's 100th birthday kicks off with a trip down memory lane

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One hundred years ago , Three optical companies in Japan decided to form an alliance under the name we now call Nikon .The alliance , which consisted of Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha went on to be one of the largest optical equipment manufacturers in the world with products ranging from spotting equipment to high precision microscopes.During the time of WW1, the company provided Imperial Japan's need for superior spotting optics as the Great war restricted Germany's ability to provide them (They were enemies during this war however) .Although Nikon's primary market was for the Japanese military , they did make lenses which were adopted by another Japanese camera company called Canon ,since Canon had no optical division , all camera lenses for their Leica inspired designs were provided by Nikon until the Second world war ,this war, which caused huge devastation to Japan and destroyed most of Canon's infrastructure as their production plants were destroyed by Allied bombing raids. After the second world war , the two companies decided to go down their own paths with Nikon now producing their own camera bodies for their Nikko lenses .The company over the last 100 years went on to produce cameras which explored the depths of space , war-zones , protests and civil functions all over the world . Although the official birthday of this camera giant is on the 25th of July , the company has already released a video showing most of their legacy cameras through the past century . Nikon has also set up page for the same function as well .

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image source - deviantart/koshirokun

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