Friday, January 13, 2017

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has anoucned their latest console/tablet hybrid gaming platform called the "Switch" .The device - a 6.2" tablet is capable of 6 hours of battery life and consists of a tablet and controller pad system which when plugged to a TV can operate without the two side mounted control pads which are called Joy Cons which contain a haptic feedback motor and IR inputs which work similar to the system on the Wii . The system can charge via USB Type C  and offer good battery life according to the intensity of the games which will be played on it . Nintendo currently offer(s) the Switch in packages and the unit is priced at $299 which puts it squarely against its main rivals Microsoft and Sony who dominated the console wars with their Xbox One and PS4 .Nintendo however has a edge on portability when compared to their fixed brethren ,but considering that the Xbox One S and PS4 slim are in the same $299 ball-park ,competition is going to be very tough .

The Nintendo Switch will be available with the game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at launch and will come with $299 bundles which include either grey Joy cons or colored versions (extra controllers cost $79 each) . The product will be available on March 3rd .

via -Engadget images - Nintendo

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