Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Panasonic FZ80 leaks out

Its no secret that Panasonic is ready to launch its greatest hit (cough .cough GH5) in a few hours officially . Although the pro level M4/3 camera is definitely a top seller , Panasonic's camera division however relies a lot on its lower end systems for a bulk of its revenue - Namely the G series .But Panasonic also has a lineup of small 1/2.3" sensor zoom cameras aimed at general photography (DMC- FZ series) .  Coming back to the topic - Panasonic's new successor to the FZ70 series has been revealed in the form of leaked photos . The FZ80 - a spiritual upgrade to the previous model incorporates a almost similar body with a few revisions - namely a few button changes .  The new camera system will feature some of the following specs

* 60x optical Zoom
*similar chassis as previous model
*1/2.3" CMOS sensor ,12MP

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source - nokishita via thenewcamera

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