Saturday, January 14, 2017

RED Helium 8K gets highest score on DXOmark

If you ever wanted to debate camera specs online as a keyboard warrior or in a physical camera standoff ,chances are that DXOmark is probably on your list for getting specs as they provide a comprehensive test on camera parameters including sensor performance . The site , which has tested many camera brands and hundreds of individual models have officially declared the best of the best ,say hello to the winner of DXOmark's sensor test - the Red Helium 8K .

The Helium 8K - a camera equipped with RED's custom super 35 sensor is said to be rated for a total score of 108 - the highest achieved by a camera to this date ,this score is higher than the second best score of 101 achieved by RED's Dragon system and 98/97 points achieved by Sony's A7RII and the Nikon D810 respectively .The new Helium 8K system is said to have greater color depth , a higher pixel arrangement and a better dynamic range than the predecessor .

RED Helium 8K specs

35.4MP CMOS sensor
75 fps 8K capture at 2.4:1 (8392 x 3456)
60 fps RAW full 8K resolution
120 fps at 4K resolution (240 fps at 2K)
300 MB/second data readout
Captures in 16-bit RECODE RAW or Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD
Super 35-format sensor (29.90 mm x 15.77 mm)
Integrated dual-channel audio
Integrated REDLINK WiFi antenna

via - dxomark ,dpreview

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